by Apostate.

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released November 30, 2010




all rights reserved


Apostate. Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Omit the Words
As you look back
At everything
That passed away
Take a moment, for those
Who gave you a chance to breath and smile
For those, who build walls of love and hope around you,
Still letting you go without saying goodbye,

Take a moment to cherish something
That you always had felt, but never appreciated.
Were you too afraid
Of loosing "independence"
That you left the ones,whom you needed the most..?
And who needed you too!

Omit the words -
They are not worth your sacrifice
Two words are not enough to
Thank You

Omit the words and
Track Name: False Footsteps
It hasn't been long
Since you've chosen this path
But your heroes dissolved
Who's your god now?
Who's your god now?

How can you Hold your head high
When the ones You used to admire
Went down in an hour
Went down in one hour

You're at the end of the road
No one is near, you're alone
It's all up to you - face
The fall of your idols -

You bowed to forged ideas praising the ones
Whose fame...

Was founded on a sellout
You spent your life on this

It seems like you have chosen
False footsteps to follow again
This time there is no one to pull you out

You're on your own

No one cares enough to behold your descend
Track Name: Numbers are Going Down
The days keep flashing,
Depriving me of a chance to catch a break,
To catch my breath, I never wished for it
To be like this, I never wanted

I never wanted to have to run my life down
I always thought that I was in control

But time keeps playing jokes on me
My peace is a fading delusion

Escaping my whole life
This is another corner of the same room
I traded the ones who cared about me

On a mirage of a life,
A tiny world, that I called my own,
Where it was so easy to make a difference

To feel like I meant something more
Than always scared and running ant

Now I beg for the last embrace
Cause there is only one way out

I always kept wearing thin when
You begged me to pull through

I just kept wearing thin when
You begged me to pull through

And now there is only one way out
This light is fading,
I never knew it was so near

I breath my last spark out
Deny to shine one last time
Track Name: Raised on the Blood of Heroes
We've all felt this way before
Oppressive feeling of forlornness
Is squeezing your lungs again (It keeps coming back)
Don't bend under the weight
Of "pious" words of the ones who failed
To achieve something bigger then social status
Ask yourself why

It's back again and it's worse than before
Persistence has frozen in rants that
Were spewed in your face
To engulf everything
You thought was no ones's
But yours

Brace yourself - it will never be
The shortest path to choose
You knew, you knew
You'll have to make it on your own

Your forefathers did not give up their
For you to give up on yourself
Raised on the blood of heroes
Shall not repose
Raised on the blood of heroes
Shall not repose

Forsaken for now
Yet still we have faith
We shall never forget
The price we had to pay